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Get to work at our relationships and make an immediate impact with your drive & MOJO. Work at MOJEO with MOJO.

Working with MOJEO

"...The positive attitude with which we do something that comes from within and radiates outward..." That, to us, is MOJO. Because we believe that not so much the methodology or the organization, but above all the people make the difference. People with self-confidence, a strong presentation, a touch of invincibility, a large dose of passion and an abundance of MOJO: project managers from MOJEO.

Now that is typically MOJEO

With our unique, refreshing perspective, we bring color to a project. We are down-to-earth. We know what tackling is and are not afraid to get dirty. We assume pure facts and offer openness. This puts us in control of every situation. We seek adventure, take responsibility, are passionate and, as a result, can take on any challenge. We like to convey our expertise in an inspiring way and take that extra step. For us, that is the golden edge. We continuously develop each other and ourselves. We form a close-knit team, both with the client and among ourselves. 

MOJO is in our DNA


Let's get your MOJO working


As a MOJEO project management officer, you will be the linchpin in various programs and/or projects at our clients.

Maastricht and Eindhoven

32-40 hours per week


0-15 years of work experience

As a MOJEO project manager, you breathe project management and truly see this as your profession. 

Maastricht and Eindhoven

32-40 hours per week

3+ years of project experience


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