6 advantages of the scaled agile framework (SAFe)

There is growing interest in safe. More and more companies are applying its principles. The Scaled Agile Framework is an interactive knowledge base for implementing an agile way of working at the business level. MOJEO is happy to explain the added value of SAFe, check out our Top 6 Benefits of the Scaled Agile Framework here.

Advantage 1: An extension for agile

SAFe has expanded the agile model to the portfolio and program level.The framework does not use any new techniques for this, it codifies / standardizes existing elements such as user stories and features.

Advantage 2: Business-oriented framework

Many frameworks only focus on the development area, while SAFe, on the other hand, focuses on the company level. SAFe acknowledges the need to estimate at programme and portfolio level. These estimates depend on the functions & epics. Only later will one look at the more specific part, such as the user story.

Advantage 3: Very specific

The framework standardizes, supports and improves the agile way of working within complex systems. At the same time, the framework offers developers enough flexibility to make it applicable. The focus of SAFe is mainly on connecting Agile & Lean to develop software.

Advantage 4: Light Framework

You don't have to spend centuries mastering the concept. It is a logical framework. The simple explanations and images make it easy to learn and implement.

Advantage 5: Practically applicable

SAFe is not generalised and therefore does not offer a strategy for process development. Instead, it offers the best approach for practitioners to develop the process themselves.

Advantage 6: Software development process is insightful

The model also includes all roles & functionalities that are present in terms of software development. Even the non-functional requirements are presented in the model.

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