Voice rollout at a global player

The situation at the client

In mid-2016, the client decided to change the telephony platform. This was to support customers skill-based & multi-channel and make contact centres ready for all existing modes of communication. ''The project was in a critical phase. There was too little internal awareness that projects of this calibre need a dedicated project lead. In other words, someone who is involved full-time with the progress of a project. Until then, this was given to a manager as an extra task," the manager begins. "I already knew Luc and MOJEO as MOJEO had done an assignment within the company's IT department and had done a visibly good job, so it was an obvious choice to enlist MOJEO's help with this project."

“Internally there was little awareness that projects of this scope require a dedicated project lead”

The solution from MOJEO

When MOJEO started working on the project, a baseline assessment was first carried out on Luc Moens’ request. This looked at where the problems mainly occurred.

“Based on the transparency he provided management through this, a plan of attack was drawn up to solve the problems,”the manager tells. “We really needed someone from the outside, with a neutral view, who provided transparency and honesty about the situation. Not everyone liked to hear what Luc had to say. It did however clearly indicate where the problems were”

Once the project was well underway, Luc Moens transferred the project to Ferry Woudstra, project manager at MOJEO. "In the further course of the project, MOJEO has always ensured that the deliverables and milestones were achieved," continues the manager. continues the manager "I also greatly appreciate the initiative shown by MOJEO employees. In this environment changes have to be made continuously. This happens monthly and was not structured. Ferry then implemented a release scheme entirely on his own initiative. MOJEO therefore does not only work within the scope of the project, but also looks at how they can improve things in other areas".

“We really needed someone from the outside, with a neutral view, who provided transparency and honesty about the situation."

The added MOJO

The manager explains that offering transparency is MOJEO's great added value. So daring to give an opinion. At the time it was really important to us that this came from a neutral angle. You all master the art of project management well, I think the distinguishing feature lies mainly in the area of effective stakeholder management. Your project managers have an excellent command of all this.

MOJEO really presents itself as an organisation as a partner, you are really looking to satisfy the needs of our company. In addition I think it is very strong that your people are all on the MOJEO payroll, you are really distinctive in this stability.''

“I believe the offer of transparency is a great added value of MOJEO. In addition, you set yourself apart mostly in the area of effective stakeholder management.”

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