There is no I in team: At MOJEO you never hire one person

It's an open door, isn't it? A statement that is so old and widely used, but relevant in many areas and yet often ignored. If we think of temporary hiring of staff, for example because specific knowledge or skills are needed temporarily or simply because more resources are needed, then we receive offered candidates. First on CV and then we assess hard criteria such as knowledge, education, skills and experience of the candidate and then we read about the soft criteria we expect from the person. We then invite a number of people for a follow-up interview, in which we get to know the person in question and experience the soft criteria and discuss the applicability of the hard criteria. Plus, of course, at this stage we also compare the whole with the other candidates. We subsequently make a choice for one of the candidates and hope that this person will deliver what we expect.

Does the all-rounder exist?

However, we are missing a great opportunity. Although the "all-rounder" type certainly exists, it rarely happens that it also means that this person can solve everything on his own. Of course, within projects, all disciplines are represented, but is there one all-rounder project manager who excels in all areas and can or knows everything? No! Certainly not today with the development the project manager role has made in recent years. Every project manager has his talents, of course there are a number of basic characteristics such as leadership, motivating, communicating, resolving conflicts, creating trust, decisiveness/activity and organising, but there is a lot more to it nowadays, certainly in the field of knowledge.

A modern project encompasses several disciplines

A good example is a recent case within a multinational where one of our project managers was busy with the worldwide implementation and rollout of a new installation process. An important driver of the project were certain KPIs and as the implementation progressed, many additional insights emerged that provided excellent steering information. On his own initiative, our project manager started to distil and report these, but subsequently a need arose to automate this. And although our project manager was analytical and had knowledge of data models, he needed the help of colleagues who were excellent at coding and writing automated reports and visualizations. He therefore called in the help of his colleague, who carried out this work, resulting in a much better working dashboard and reporting environment than the project manager could have delivered on his own. And of course, a more than satisfied customer.

With MOJEO you never hire a single person

Why was that customer more than satisfied and not "just" satisfied? Simply because the actual experience of the work of the employee exceeded expectations. MOJEO delivers projects with a golden edge and our people do this largely by being themselves and spreading their MOJO, but also because there is no "I" in MOJEO and clients are thus supported by the entire team of MOJEO.

More MOJEO is called our internal staff magazine, but that is also in our DNA or as we call it "our mojo" and MORE is what we deliver and what our relations can expect. Projects with a golden edge and we all know that gold will not be reached by itself, that also requires more, so demand more in your selection interviews, demand More MOJEO, then we do the rest.
 Plan here directly in the agenda of our project specialists a non-binding consultation.

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