Sometimes seeing where you stand is better than knowing where you want to go.

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Kind of crazy to write as a title that sometimes it's better to know where you stand than to know where you want to go. Say for yourself, we are all visionaries and a good vision is indispensable for an organisation to be successful. I still hear my managers from the early 2000s say: "Without vision, there can be no growth".Of course, no growth without vision, but at the same time you also want to know where you stand. After all, if you know where you are and know what you want to achieve, only then can you determine what the most logical route is or where the low-hanging fruit can be picked.

Project overarching improvements are essential

This is how we  also look at project organisations when we start. These are often programmatically driven project divisions in which qualitative Project Managers and expert project members work together on valuable projects for the organisations. And despite the fact that these organisations operate very successfully, we as MOJEO notice that when we talk to the people, there is still a lot of room for improvement. Sometimes on an individual project level, but most of the time we see that these improvements need to be realised project-wide.

But how do you know where to make those improvements? Which improvements are relatively easy to implement, but at the same time have a high return? Perhaps even more important: how do you know where the PMO stands within your organisation, i.e. what your starting point is? We can certainly help you with that! Not only do we know exactly what a PMO could look like or where a PMO can offer real added value in terms of subjects, but we have also helped many organisations to set up or improve their PMO.

Measure and improve the status of your PMO with the free PMO maturity scan lite

We have bundled our PMO knowledge in different products and services. We have developed a free PMO Maturity Scan Lite, where you can get an insight into the status of your PMO through an online questionnaire. The report you receive will not only give you an insight, but also direct direction and tips on what you can do to improve yourself in the meantime.

Taking the PMO to the next level with the PMO assessment

We also have a follow-up PMO assessment that we can perform, in which one of our PMO professionals will examine your PMO organisation, conduct interviews with stakeholders, and afterwards you will receive a complete management report plus business case & ROI. Based on this report, you can immediately take your PMO to the next level. Should you require external support, then the MOJEO team will gladly assist you in this adventure.

Learn the intricacies of the PMO craft at the MOJEO Academy

Do you want to do it yourself, but first you want your Project Management Officers (PMOs) to gain more knowledge? No problem, we have bundled our knowledge and are happy to share it with you. This is why we founded the MOJEO Academy, because sharing knowledge is multiplying, right? The great thing about the MOJEO Academy is that this is not a one-time thing. In addition to learning, the PMOs also become part of a community of PMO professionals who share with each other and are ready for each other. Read more about the MOJEO PMO Academy here.

Level up your PMO with MOJEO

Within MOJEO we are working on a better tomorrow. Our mission is: "to make sure no project fails" at our relations. In doing so, we want to go through the mud together with our relations, experience the adventure and create something lasting together. That is our aim and that is how we build lasting relationships with our clients. A partnership between MOJEO and its clients that goes beyond project-based support.

Need project advice?

Our project specialists are waiting for you!

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