The collaboration with Synergio

The interview with Luc Moens & Edwin Schumacher below explains why MOJEO & SYNERGIO entered a partnership with each other.

Origins of the collaboration

Luc: The contact started from a collaboration at a mutual client. One of our colleagues put us in touch with Synergio. We believe it’s important that our new employees are continuously kept informed of the newest trends & movements in the market. We then employed Synergio to teach training seminars about the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®).

Edwin: We indeed provided several training seminars to MOJEO employees at the time. During those training seminars, it became clear we clicked really well with MOJEO. Knowing that, we started talking to each other.


Collaborating to become stronger.

Luc: from MOJEO we see that our relations understand the benefits of the Scaled Agile Framework more and more. At the moment, we’re assisting a number of relations in a transition to working in accordance with the Agile principles.

Edwin: Synergio is focussed on the transformation to a Lean – Agile organisation. Where we’re completely focussed on the transformation, we were looking for a partner who could reinforce us with the resources that the different SAFe® roles can fill during the transition. Luc: We see the role of a Project Manager change increasingly because of the increase in Agile working. We see that the project management skills are required more within roles like Scrum Master, Release Training Engineer, Solution Train Engineer, and Product Manager. By collaborating with Synergio, we can guide our relations in the Agile implementation of large programmes even more effectively. We can also enrich each other’s employees by sharing knowledge and expertise.

“We have the same philosophy. We both have an amazing drive and passion for our work and want to help our clients with it.”

Edwin: in addition to MOJEO & Synergio supplementing each other in terms of services and knowledge, the two organisations are also very similar in terms of personality and culture. Neither of us are CV pushers for instance, and we don’t work with brokers. Luc: Exactly, we have the same philosophy, we both have an amazing drive and passion for our work and want to us it to help our clients.

In short, together we’re able to guide large Agile transformations. MOJEO & Synergio together have 20 SAFe-certified employees in different roles, so an optimal form of cross-fertilisation. Together, we can offer relations a seamless transition to an Agile working method.

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