Senior Project Manager

"My MOJO is mainly focused on working together and bringing people together; together completing the project from A to Z well and to everyone's satisfaction together."

During my first contact with Mariëlle and the first visit I immediately noticed that I felt very welcome. The enormous enthusiasm and charisma of MOJEO entered me well. The story and feeling were immediately right and it did not take long before I received an offer which I accepted with both hands.

The first week was a week full of meeting new people and you saw that they are all equally enthusiastic and knowledgeable, but with whom it is also possible to have a pleasant conversation about things that have nothing to do with work. You could have a drink with them at the bar!

My MOJO is mainly focused on cooperation and bringing people together; completing the project together from A to Z well and to everyone's satisfaction. Not losing sight of time and money.
But ... that there is always fun and conviviality around a project. And do not forget to hang up the garlands afterwards!

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