Senior Project Manager

"I enjoy working with colleagues to achieve project goals in a fun, simple, customer-focused way, providing clients, suppliers and my team with the best possible experience and results.

During my first conversations with MOJEO there was an immediate click: this is an organisation with a passion for project management with an informal company culture where people are central and there is room for entrepreneurship. An organization that understands that people and therefore collaborating stakeholders make the success of projects. In short: just the thing for me.

I am an energetic, curious colleague with a flexible work attitude and an analytical, customer-oriented mentality, who through integrity and trust is able to effectively lead teams and build successful business relationships. An energetic leader adept at coaching high-performing teams and able to achieve goals within dynamic work environments.

I have a passion for project management and, after more than 15 years in the business, a preference for multidisciplinary assignments that focus on customer needs. It is immensely rewarding to experience how we are all commercially successful when we implement fantastic solutions together with our clients in a flexible, cooperative manner.

I look forward to work with you, to apply my MOJO to your projects and achieve striking results together.

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