Senior Project Manager

"I do everything to get other project team members to focus as much as possible on the things they are good at."

After a sabbatical during which dreams were realised, I started networking, looking for the right match. An old acquaintance gave me a tip about Mojeo and that turned out to be the right one. I was quickly accepted and it all felt really natural and familiar. Despite the fact that Mojeo is a relatively small company, the client portfolio is rather broad. When an opportunity comes along, it’s first discussed with the employees to ensure it’s a good match. Something which differentiates Mojeo compared to colleague secondment agents.

The role I see as a project manager is mostly to keep the other team members out of the wind as much as possible so that they can focus on the things they are good at, in as pleasant a way as possible. All this without losing sight of the end goal.

The difference

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