Project management

Does a project get stuck within your organisation because there is no dedicated lead? Is there no clear overview in a project and is the 'go-live' repeatedly postponed? Do you want to get off to a flying start with a clear plan of action and a project manager who controls and monitors all aspects of your project?

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Project managers with MOJO, passion and expertise!

MOJEO Project Managers bring about change with MOJO, knowledge and experience. Moreover, when hiring a MOJEO Project Manager, you're not just hiring one person, but a whole team of specialists behind them.

We ensure the right match between the person, assignment and culture of the client so that we are effortlessly up-to-speed and can deliver value.

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MOJEO offers your organisation the opportunity to make use of our resources when there is a shortage of project managers.
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Is a project threatening to derail or has it already? MOJEO can put the project back on track with experienced project managers.
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Is specific knowledge required for a project? Our people are multi-skilled with experience in the HR, Infra, IT, software implementation and care, industry, automotive and telecom sectors.
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MOJEO can raise your project maturity level to a higher level. Using the Maturity Scan MOJEO determines which areas require attention.
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