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Need a project management office?
Is there no standard method for project-based working within the organisation? Do you need an up-to-date schedule? Are you looking for help with prognosis and security of the project finances? In short, do you think the organisation can take steps towards a higher maturity level with regards to project management?

The added value of a PMO
A project management office (PMO) is a department in an organisation that improves project management by standardising processes and optimising efficiency. Mojo helps with the successful design and staffing of a PMO tailored to your organisation.

Not every PMO will contain all the possible areas of attention a PMO can have. This depends on both the place in the organisation and the development stage. The biggest power of a PMO is that they can aggregate information from functional work areas to integrated information about a project, so management and other interested parties can have a complete overview. Every organisation chooses the focus areas that need the most attention.

The working method of MOJEO
By first speaking with the stakeholders and interested parties within the project organisation, a clear image is created of what these needs are. In response to this inventory, MOJEO comes with a concrete proposal in the form of the MOJEO PMO building blocks. We only focus on the building blocks that match the needs. For example, the building block ‘Planning & Estimating’ can be designed, with which the PMO facilitates up-to-date planning, including dependencies and progress checks. Or the building block ‘Project Secretariat’ can be set up if the project organisation needs to be unburdened in the area of facilities management, organising of meetings, reporting, and agreement management. By using building blocks, we can offer tailor-made solutions.

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