Is there not yet a standard way of working project-based within the organisation? Do you need an up-to-date planning? Are you looking for help in monitoring project finances? Or can you use help in identifying, recording and monitoring risks and countermeasures? In short, is it time for your project organisation to take steps towards a higher level of maturity?

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Support the project organization with a PMO!

Engaging with stakeholders and interested parties within the project organization creates a clear picture of the PMO needs within your organization. This inventory leads to customized focus areas for your PMO.

With that focus, our and your PMO experts can really make a difference. Are you ready to raise the maturity level of your project organization?

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MOJEO first makes an inventory of the PMO needs within your organization. Then a concrete plan of action is drawn up to which we will set up the PMO.
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MOJEO can provide qualified PMO staff to operationally staff your project management office.
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PMO as a Service

MOJEO will set up and staff your PMO with our team of professionals, giving your organization a single point of contact.

The class is almost full, register now for the MOJEO PMO Academy. Through the PMO Academy, MOJEO will train your internal employees to become fully-fledged PMOs with MOJO.
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