Project specialisation

Is specific knowledge required for a project? Our people are multi-skilled with experience in the HR, Infra, IT, software implementation, healthcare, industry, automotive and telecom sectors.

What certifications do MOJEO project managers have?

Our project managers all possess at least the PRINCE2 Foundation certificate, a relevant track record matching the level of experience and enough MOJO & drive to deliver a project successfully and with a golden edge. 

In addition, we have different types of project managers with various certifications for specific fields/seniority such as: PRINCE2 Practitioner, ITIL FoundationITIL Practitioner Release and control, TMAP SuiteSoft skills training and AMBI. 

In which sectors do our project managers have experience?

The project managers of MOJEO have work experience in various sectors. They are therefore very versatile and can be deployed on various assignments. Some examples of sectors where our project managers have completed assignments in the past are: IT, Telecom, Government, Healthcare, Automotive, Construction and Education. 

Read Here the case of our project manager John who worked at VodafoneZiggo Thanks to his specific knowledge in the field of Telecom, he managed to bring the project to a successful conclusion. 

I want a MOJEO project manager, what are the next steps?

By scheduling a Non-obligatory consultation with MOJEO we take stock of your needs and can assess exactly which profile and type of project manager your organisation needs to bring the project to a successful conclusion. You can already discover the MOJO of our project managers at our team page

Are you curious about our vision on project management? Then download our white paper project management of the future