Save the project

Is a project threatening to derail or has it already? MOJEO can put the project back on track with experienced project managers.

What can you do to prevent a derailment?

When would the signals for a project manager be red? Intervening before a project derails is crucial. After derailment, it is often too late and the damage is enormous. Discover a number of practical tips in our blog post How do you find out if a project is going to derail and how do you prevent the damage?

Investigating the damage within a project can be done by MOJEO by means of a project assessment. By having an independent company with project management specialists look at a project, an unbiased view arises. Book Click here for an obligation-free consultation

A project derails, how can MOJEO help you?

MOJEO identifies the problems, puts the right people with the right personality and skills on the task, and offers openness and transparency in the first phase. By being honest with each level of government about the things that go wrong and/or could have been better directed, we tackle the problems. Only then can MOJEO, together with the organisation, turn the outcome of the project for the better.

We used this approach for the managing a project during a very turbulent period (start covid-19). And also with a global voice roll-out which was in a critical phase at the time MOJEO entered.

What measures can you take as a manager?

A project threatens, for whatever reason, to be delivered completely outside the scope, deadline or budget. If the project is actually going to be delivered at all. What are the best steps you can follow to get your project back on track? Read it in our checklist put your project on track