Project maturity

MOJEO can raise your project maturity level to a higher level. Using the Maturity Scan MOJEO determines which areas require attention.

What is the importance of a mature project management organisation?

Organisations with high maturity complete 89% of their projects successfully, while organisations with low maturity complete only 36% (PMI). For example, more than 1 in 3 projects does not have a baseline / fixed template at the start of a project (Wellingtone).

How is the maturity level characterised?

MOJEO uses the Project Management Maturity Model when determining a maturity level. According to this model, there are 5 levels of project management maturity that any company can pass through on its way to success. A total of nine focus areas have been selected to summarise project management maturity and five PMMM classifications.

How is the PM Maturity Scan structured?

From an exploratory meeting, interviews with stakeholders and a draft report, we ultimately present a clear and concise report with analyses and points for improvement. More information on the importance, the maturity level and the structure of a PM Maturity Scan can be found in the infographic Project Management Maturity Find it there.  

Improve your project management maturity!