Project GURU at VodafoneZiggo

The situation at the client

At large organisations, propositions and thus projects are constantly being created to VodafoneZiggo the market. Projects come about because the company has an initial idea. This can come from various departments, for example the marketing or HR department", Patrick van den Broek, Manager Project Management IT B2C at VodafoneZiggo begins. If a proposition is selected to be implemented, we and our IT department develop and take care of all IT-related matters."

‘’The urgency of this project came from an enormous opportunity. Fixed (Ziggo)& mobile (Vodafone) services have come together through a joint venture. This gave us the opportunity to link the data from both organisations together in one system and to use it.‘’

One of these propositions is the GURU project. “When a customer calls, the employee can retrieve a lot of data from the system based on the customer name. The system can provide the customer with a customized offer from this data. As an example; we know from our (contact) data that a customer watches sports a lot. An employee will then receive advice from the system to offer the customer a specific sports package at a reduced rate.”

Van den Broek indicates that a similar system was already active at both Ziggo and Vodafone. However, the new GURU system ensures that the data from both companies is linked to each other.

The urgency of this project actually arose from a huge opportunity. Fixed (Ziggo) & mobile (Vodafone) services have come together through a joint venture. This gave us the opportunity to link the data from both organisations into a single system. GURU can use the data to draw up a tailor-made offer for a customer for fixed and/or mobile services'.

The solution from MOJEO

John Leerssen, Project Manager of MOJEO, has already successfully completed another project at VodafoneZiggo and it was therefore logical to involve him in this project as well. “John Leerssen has gained knowledge of the telecom world, our organisation and the content of the project in question in no time. He was also a great addition to the team. When starting the GURU project, we immediately thought that this job would fit in well with his skills. “

”MOJEO Project Managers identify risks in a timely manner and prevent them from actually playing a role. This really takes care of VodafoneZiggo.”

Within the GURU project, John is responsible for the IT delivery of the project. Van den Broek adds “A project team has been put together, consisting of employees of VodafoneZiggo, people who work with partners / suppliers and developers who are based in India, for example. It is the task of the Project Manager to bring this together. John is sharp throughout this process, constantly examines whether the good is being delivered and keeps the project members up to date. In this way, he signals risks in good time and prevents the risk from actually playing a role. VodafoneZiggo is really unburdened in this.”


The added MOJO

Van den Broek explains that in addition to the “regular” work at VodafoneZiggo, MOJEO also offers added value in a different way. “Certainly in the highly competitive consumer market, we as an organisation have the need to go to market with new services faster and faster. MOJEO has brought us into contact with NS International through its network. NS International faced similar challenges and has therefore introduced an Agile transformation (SAFe). We started the conversation to see if we could learn something from each other in this area." 

This initiative makes Van den Broek very enthusiastic. “You do not expect this from an external company, those are really the proverbial currants. Offering added value by fully empathising with the needs of your customer and then responding effectively to this from your own network.”

”Offering added value by fully empathizing with the needs of your customer and then responding with solutions.‘’

To conclude the conversation, van den Broek lists a number of key words that come to mind when he thinks of MOJEO. ” Innovative, competent, professional, down-to-earth, but not afraid to roll up your sleeves. These elements naturally contribute to the working atmosphere at VodafoneZiggo", says van den Broek. 

“Serious and hard work, doing what you are there for, but also adding something extra without losing sight of the primary goal.”

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