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Are you currently getting the most out of your PMO? A PMO is the tool to get a better grip on projects, to make risks transparent and to monitor them, to manage resources more efficiently, to make better planning overviews and to obtain more valuable information and insights. Do you want to know where you stand with your PMO and where you can still gain ground? Fill in the Maturity Scan Lite!

The MOJEO PMO Maturity Scan Lite allows you to easily and quickly find out the points of attention and opportunities of the project organisation.

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Starting and closing projects is one of the most important parts where often much profit can be achieved. By working in a standardized way with templates, checklists, lessons learned and onboarding processes, you will be amazed by the benefits that can be achieved right from the start.
Many organizations already use planning and tooling, but we often see that there is still much room for improvement by, for example, including dependencies between projects, which gives a much better grip on the planning and allows bottlenecks to be identified earlier.
Managing resources is crucial, the proper management of demand and capacity is the basis for a better functioning project organization. From pure supply and demand to matching (external) people with the right skillset to intended project roles. Good resource management increases efficiency, relieves project managers and plays an important role in the timely delivery of projects and deliverables.
Without insight, we are sailing blind. Reports provide insight, are crucial for setting the course and for determining whether we are still on track. Drafting, updating and processing these reports takes a lot of time, but also provides untold benefits. Hence, the PMO, as a pivotal function within the reporting requirement, can provide so many benefits.
Many organizations already have some form of risk management within individual projects. Good risk management by the PMO, however, goes much further and transcends projects. It ensures that risks become known at an earlier stage, that they can be anticipated better and that control measures and best practices are deployed throughout the organization. In short, risk management ensures more manageable projects and prevents a lot of unnecessary problems.
It is interesting to note that in most cases a project or program is launched to achieve certain benefits/objectives, but the focus of project management is on delivering the project on time, within scope and budget. All this without steering towards actually achieving those intended (programmatic) objectives. In theory, delivering the project scope within budget and time should automatically lead to these benefits, but in practice this is often not (completely) the case. In addition, project managers are often not inclined to feel directly responsible for those objectives. That is where benefit management comes in and guards your long term goals.
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