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The class is almost full, register now for the MOJEO PMO Academy starting in the fall of 2022. Through the PMO Academy, which consists of 10 meetings, MOJEO trains your internal staff to become fully-fledged PMOs with MOJO. Would you like to know more about the content, structure and costs of the MOJEO Academy PMO? Download the infographic here.

Why is the proper training of a PMO important?

As a PMO, do you need tools to standardise project management in your organisation? Do you want to know how to encourage project managers to write the hours on time or how to make them see the advantages of a PMO?

As a manager, do you want to know the status of each project or do you want to have more control over the project finances? Do you need an overall picture of the state of affairs in your project organisation? Do you want to unburden your Project Managers?

Read more about the importance of good PMO training in the blog post Discover the MOJEO Academy: The training for PMOs with MOJO.

How can the MOJEO Academy help a PMO?

A PMO can be the foundation and cornerstone of your project organisation and can provide management with important information while relieving the project manager. But how can a PMO meet all these expectations?

At the MOJEO Academy we offer the PMO training course that provides the tools for PMO'ers to unburden a project organization. The PMO will, just as in the job, be confronted with a wide range of techniques, theories and training courses. In addition, together with professionals from other organisations, you will learn how to tackle problems from practice.

What is the content of the training programme?

The MOJEO Academy PMO training is a one-year training course with 10 meetings, including a short summer break. During the training you will be taught, using 15 building blocks, how best to fill the position of Project Management Officer for your project organization. The experienced trainers of MOJEO will stand behind you during this period, so you can meet every challenge.

Want to know more about the content, structure and costs of the MOJEO Academy PMO? Download the infographic here.

Are you interested in the PMO Academy?

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