Setting up a PMO

When setting up a PMO, MOJEO first makes an inventory of the PMO needs within your organisation. Next we will draw up a concrete plan of approach to set up the PMO.

What is a Project Management Office (PMO)?

A PMO can support you in professionalising your project organisation. ''A Project Management Office is a group or department in a project organisation that maintains standards with respect to project management, planning and execution. It also serves as the organisation's central point for project documentation, guidance and success metrics.'' Read more about the meaning of the PMO in this article

What can a PMO help an organisation with?

MOJEO sees the PMO as a central place within a project organisation that relieves project (managers). A PMO provides standardization, efficiency and overview.

How does MOJEO ultimately set up a PMO?

Setting up a PMO is not that easy, is it? Setting up a PMO will have a considerable impact on projects and the whole (project) organisation, or will it? With an iterative and modular approach, the advantages of a professional PMO become immediately visible and tangible for the project organisation. This way we have the PMO implemented at Brabant-Noord Safety Region. Read about our customised approach with the PMO building blocks in this article. We have also made an article with the Various factors that can contribute to successful(er) implementation of a PMO.

Rick and Stan explain very practically how they have already started setting up and staffing a PMO at our clients' companies .

MOJEO and setting up a PMO

There is a lot involved in setting up a PMO. It is important to take stock beforehand of the areas in which a PMO can unburden the organisation. By means of The no-obligation PMO inventory session we can help you with this. Through a 'brown-paper session', together with all stakeholders, we look at how the project organisation and/or PMO is currently set up and where the points for improvement lie.

Let's start setting up a pmo together