Setting up & manning a PMO at Obvion

The situation at the client

The task of the Octopus program is to implement a new model for calculating capital and provisions, and to adapt underlying processes and systems. The name Octopus has been chosen because of the different workflows within this program and the many relationships and dependencies with other projects and programs. Marieke Keij, Project Manager at Obvion says:"Within a program of this size you have to deal with many (external) developments. Think, for example, of new regulations of the European Central Bank. In addition, Rabobank remains our parent organisation. Octopus’ is an Obvion programme, but we report to various projects within Rabobank. Within Obvion there are also dependencies with other projects and initiatives.

Obvion felt the need to better structure the Octopus program and complement it with resources in the supporting area. Marieke came to the following conclusion together with the manager of Project Management at Obvion: “Due to the complexity and dynamic environment of the program we need better project support by setting up a structural Project Management Office. Good project support also contributes to our strategy.”

“Due to the complexity of the program, we needed a structural PMO. Good project support also contributes to our strategy”.

The solution from MOJEO

There was already a cooperation between MOJEO and Obvion in the field of project management. ”We could easily switch with MOJEO to see to what extent they could help us set up a project management office.” Marieke explains. ”We discussed with MOJEO what role the PMO building blocks could play in this. MOJEO provided a concrete working method with a clear planning on how this could be implemented within 3 months.”

''Subsequently, a project manager from MOJEO started at Obvion as project manager for setting up a structure for support within the Octopus program.'' At the request of the Project Management Manager, MOJEO reviewed all PMO building blocks for the project management organization as well. As a result, recommendations were not only applicable to the Octopus program, but also to other programs and projects of Obvion.

Marieke liked MOJEO's approach. ''MOJEO conducted many interviews with project staff, managers and other stakeholders in the first 3 weeks. The inventory phase was completed quickly and consistently. Within 2-3 weeks, MOJEO had formed an overall picture of the program organization. With this information, MOJEO created a plan how -based on the building blocks- we could better structure the program and set up support more efficiently. It was also useful here that MOJEO could contribute its insights as an external project manager.''

”We discussed with MOJEO what role the PMO building blocks could play in this. MOJEO provided a concrete working method with a clear planning on how this could be implemented within 3 months.”

After the inventory phase, the project manager presented a clear plan of action to the program's steering committee. He then energetically set to work setting up the PMO building blocks within Octopus. ''In this phase, MOJEO presented the planning and progress based on the plan of approach once every two weeks to me, as project manager of Octopus, and to the manager of project management at Obvion.'' MOJEO always had everything neatly in order within these meetings and accurately monitored the progress of the project. The building blocks that were to be implemented to give the project the necessary structure were completed in full. ''At a certain point we entered a transition phase in which we as an organization needed someone who could structurally implement the PMO at the operational level.''

MOJEO then worked with Obvion to estimate the deployment needed. ''Then a PMO from MOJEO started at Obvion to staff the PMO structurally. The project manager inducted this colleague and taught her all the in's & out's of the program.

This allowed her to get a jump start on her role. She is now implementing what MOJEO initially set up. She has also continued to develop some things, such as a resource planning tool. ''

The added MOJO

Marieke is very clear about the result and added value of the MOJEO PMO. ''The PMO has a clear added value for the Octopus program. We have better structured the project organization and really made strides in the execution of the project. The knowledge and support of MOJEO has helped us with this''

Prior to the project Marieke had some concerns about the complexity of the content of the Octopus program. Because the employees of MOJEO had made enough preparations beforehand and started discussions with many Obvion colleagues, they were able to work independently at a good level at Obvion. ”During the project this was not a problem for a moment. The employees of MOJEO really did an excellent job. I am positively surprised about the speed with which MOJEO has developed the PMO. It has developed further than I had expected beforehand.”

In addition, the Project Manager of Obvion has also really experienced the concept of MOJO. ”The name MOJEO is derived from the word mojo and that mojo really comes across. I only meet enthusiastic people from MOJEO who know very well what they are doing and with a certain professionalism enter the projects. Your team is characterized by people who have an enormous drive and passion for the project management profession.”

”The PMO has a clear added value for the Octopus program. We have better structured the project organisation and really made steps in the implementation of the project. Mojeo’s knowledge and support has helped us with this.‘’

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