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We created the PMO Academy specifically for PMOs who want to take the next step in their careers. "Can you make sure we get uniformity in the approach to projects within the project organization?" "In addition, can you take a look at how we can better understand the resources needed for ongoing projects?" "Do you remember how that previous project on implementing new software went, what went wrong, what went right? And how about all the ongoing projects?" There you sit, slowly becoming clear. There's work to be done, but where to start? Who would have thought you could abbreviate centipede into three letters? You look at your e-mail signature and you see it written: PMO'er.

The pitfalls of a PMO and a PMO'er!

Everyone knows what project management involves, but opinions are divided about the interpretation of a PMO. Although more than 80% of organisations have a (kind of) PMO, several studies show that PMOs are set up without a clear goal or vision and without looking at the importance and wishes of the organisation. Manning and setting up a PMO is also challenging. The lack of a clearly defined PMO methodology is one of the main reasons for the failure of a PMO department. 

But what do I actually know? I am Levi Salassa, the project coordinator of the MOJEO PMO Academy. Although I'm new to the wonderful world of project management (office), I'm lucky to have ended up in an organisation where I'm surrounded by experienced project managers and PMO's on a daily basis. Because my colleagues work in many different organizations, the office is a breeding ground for new insights and experiences. In addition, they have successfully implemented and staffed the MOJEO methodology within various organizations. The access to substantive expertise and a clear methodology created a good stepping stone for my future in PM(O).

The MOJEO PMO Academy as a solution

Unfortunately, I am aware that this is not the case for many of you PMO front-line staff. For this reason, we at MOJEO want to offer you the tools that we also give to our PMO staff. Our mission is that no project should ever fail again and we believe that PMO can make a huge contribution to this. The figures from various studies do not lie, a large proportion of organisations believe that PMOs propagate the culture of the project organisation4.

In the MOJEO PMO Academy we take you for a year through the world of PMO with Mojo. No hours of powerpoints and thick books gathering dust on the shelf, but through a varied combination of theory, practice and specific attention to the competences that colour your PMO skills. Together with experienced MOJEO trainers you get to work immediately with the material you have learned, using case studies. Then we let you apply it in practice in your organization before we move on.

Want to know more? Download the infographic!

Following this blog post, would you like to receive more information on offerings and fees, among other things? Then download the MOJEO PMO Academy Infographic on the PMO Academy page:

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