MOJEO & StartUp4kids

The end of the year is approaching, a great moment to look back on our collaboration with StartUp4kids and the progress this foundation has made in the past year. MOJEO and all employees have been supporting StartUp4kids for a number of years with a monthly contribution.''As MOJEO grows, StartUp4kids and the charity grows with us!"

The purpose of StartUp4kids

In the countries where StartUp4kids is active, many children do not have the opportunity to receive quality education. There is also virtually no question of broader education with regard to social, emotional and financial skills. Certainly not for the vulnerable target groups that StartUp4kids and MOJEO are committed to. StartUp4kids strives for a world where all children have the opportunity to develop so that they can organise their lives on their own strength and in their own discretion.

Projects in 2019

StartUp4kids has helped children in 5 schools in Guatemala in 2019 with the Aflatoun program. StartUp4kids focuses on children with a physical disability, children from deprived areas, urban regular primary school children and vulnerable indigenous children from rural communities.

The Aflatoun program builds on a child’s natural curiosity and teaches them positive associations with themes such as children’s rights, saving and entrepreneurship. An important activity is the democratic formation of children’s clubs, where children work together, manage their savings and start activities to improve small businesses and the community. The basis of the curriculum is the belief that children learn best by doing, and when they interact with the world and the people around them.

In 2019, MOJEO supported a total of 150 children in six classes in Ethiopia, Peru, Nepal and Guatemala.

Results of 2019

440 studentscompleted the annual program of Aflatoun in 2019. A total of twenty-three Aflatoun clubs have been set up. The percentage of students who have saved is 85%. Students identify themselves with the character of Aflatoun, as a result of which there is a greater awareness of the environment and 2 companies have been set up that can form the basis for future learning projects.

MOJEO & StartUp4kids

We will continue to support StartUp4kids with the entire team in 2020. We stay with the whole team in 2020. We believe that everyone in the world is entitled to quality education so that they can develop themselves. If MOJEO grows as an organisation, we must together ensure that the chance of good quality education in developing countries also increases.

More information about StartUp4kids

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