Customization with the PMO building blocks

Setting up a Project Management Office (PMO) is not that easy, is it? Setting up a PMO will have a significant impact on projects and the entire (project) organisation, or not? With an iterative and modular approach, the benefits of a professional PMO become immediately visible and tangible for the project organisation. 

We have incorporated this approach into the MOJEO PMO method, which consists of 15 different components. We call these components building blocks, and each building block covers a specific part of a PMO. Think of building blocks for components such as: planning, better handling of resources or risk management. We call these building blocks, because they can be put together like Lego blocks to form a PMO structure.

The supporting role of the PMO

The PMO acts as a proverbial lighthouse, which, like a beacon of light, gives direction during storms of high work pressure and, when at rest, is a sign of recognition for the safe haven. Often there is already such a home port within organisations, or there are even several such home ports. These are, for example, project support persons who make and monitor reports and/or schedules. Discovering and analysing these elements within an organisation, and then building on them, is what will quickly bring benefits. Perhaps you recognise a number of elements in the overview below, which are already present within your organisation.

The MOJEO PMO building blocks

The PMO building blocks can be divided into 'Planning Building Blocks' and 'Delivery Building Blocks'. The Planning Building Blocks contain all the preparatory activities to start a project. In the 'Delivery Building Blocks', the services that must ensure that products are actually delivered are grouped together. 

MOJEO has a number of proven methods to quickly arrive at a modular approach together, which will quickly deliver great benefits. Depending on where your organization stands and whether a PMO is already in place, the method that best suits your organization can be chosen.

MOJEO PMO maturity scan

We can carry out the MOJEO PMO Maturity Scan. In this scan we take a close look at the entire existing PMO. We will perform a baseline measurement to reveal the points of attention and give you advice on how you can raise each building block to a higher level and which additional building blocks could add a lot to your organization. On this page you can find more information about the PMO Maturity Scan of MOJEO. Do you want to test your PMO maturity level online? Then do here Do the PMO Maturity Scan Lite!

The iterative approach to the PMO of MOJEO

If you already know where the PMO stands within your organisation, we will support you in further expanding with the proven MOJEO PMO method. MOJEO uses an iterative approach in this, so that the first building blocks are already visible after a first sprint. When all discussed building blocks have been implemented, we can look at what additional requirements there are with regard to the PMO. For example, we have already done this for Waterschap Limburg. View the reference case of this project here 

Next there will be a discussion about the moment at which MOJEO hands over the PMO to the internal organisation or whether it is desirable for a colleague from MOJEO to continue manning this for a certain period of time. Of course coaching and support of your own staff will be possible during the transition. 

We would like to invite you to contact us and together we will take up the challenge to improve your PMO and project organisation.... Let our Mojo work for you - Level up your projects!

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