Project management officer

"MOJEO feels like coming home. From the very first moment I came to MOJEO, I was welcomed nicely and immediately felt at ease. It is like a warm bath that I have come into, an environment that encourages and supports me."

 MOJEO offers me the opportunity to gain broad experience and develop both professionally and personally. It allows me to hone my skills and gain new knowledge. Through the various projects I get to work on, I get the opportunity to broaden my horizons and expand my expertise.

MOJEO is all about collaboration. It's an environment where we work on projects together, where we can spar with colleagues and where we utilize each other's qualities. It is inspiring to be part of a team where everyone's unique contribution is valued.

My MOJO is reflected in my eagerness to learn. I am always open to new challenges and am driven to continually develop myself. I pride myself on my perseverance and do not give up easily. I believe in completing what I start and am determined to achieve success, both for myself and for the projects I work on.

The difference

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