The PMO Guild of MOJEO

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In the dynamic world of project management, collaboration and knowledge sharing is critical. Within MOJEO, this realization has been translated into the establishment of the PMO Guild, an internal working group for Project Management Officers (PMOs). This initiative not only benefits MOJEO employees, but also adds value to clients and the PMO service as a whole. You can read more about the creation of the MOJEO PMO Guild and what value it provides for all involved in this article, with the hope that other organizations can take inspiration from it.

The design of the MOJEO PMO Guild

The MOJEO PMO Guild is a community within MOJEO consisting of all employees who are involved, directly or indirectly, in Project Management Office tasks. The guild aims to collectively learn and excel in the field of PMO. The guild does this in several ways.

The Guild has a regular space every Wednesday at the MOJEO office where colleagues come together to work for the client and share knowledge. For example, a senior PMO staff member is always present to act as a resource for questions. These days foster a culture of collaboration and continuous improvement. In addition to these office days, knowledge sessions are organized in which specific topics are discussed. An example is the session ''Persuading without hierarchy.'' In this session, PMO'ers learn to create internal support towards the client and towards project employees in order, for example, to register hours on time. Practical experience is central to this, which makes a positive contribution to deepening the PMO profession.

The guild organizes working visits towards relations and interesting companies to gain insight into how PMO is applied in practice within different projects and organizations. For daily interaction and knowledge exchange, an internal Slack group has been established where members can ask questions and share solutions.

Benefits for MOJEO PMOs.

The MOJEO PMO Guild actively promotes knowledge sharing and offers employees the opportunity to gain valuable practical knowledge from colleagues. This goes beyond traditional training and accelerates the professional development of PMOs by sharing practical insights and experiences.

Within the guild, a close-knit community is created, where employees feel connected to like-minded people. It creates a sense of "us" and breaks the isolation in which PMOs often worked. It provides a platform to share problems and challenges and find solutions together.

After completing in-house training, the MOJEO Academy, continues to grow through practical experience and knowledge sharing with other members. This promotes personal development and enhances the expertise of our MOJEO staff.

MOJEO puts the PMO on a pedestal

The MOJEO PMO Guild not only places the PMO profession on a pedestal within the organization, but also contributes to the overall recognition and respect for PMO on another level. By actively sharing knowledge, promoting best practices and continually striving for excellence, the guild demonstrates that PMO is not an underdog, but an essential component of effective project management.

The PMO guild helps to develop various forms of content to help our relations. For example, the infographic ''Facts of a well-functioning PMO' was created to show what added value a PMO can bring to an organization.

The benefit for MOJEO customers

For MOJEO clients, the PMO Guild offers unparalleled value. Instead of hiring just one individual PMO specialist, clients gain access to an entire PMO Guild. This means they can benefit from the diverse areas of expertise represented within the Guild. Whether it's financial analysis, risk management, reporting or process optimization, the guild has specialists who excel in every aspect of PMO. This allows clients to tailor their PMO services to their specific needs and benefit from a wide range of skills and knowledge, taking their projects to the next level.

PMO specialists within the guild share knowledge, coordinate efforts and set common goals to manage projects more efficiently. MOJEO provides relationships with an integrated team of experts and fosters collaboration at a level not achievable with individual consultants. Clients benefit from this seamless collaboration, leading to better project results, faster delivery and increased client satisfaction.

Together we are stronger!

The MOJEO PMO Guild is an inspiring example of how organizations can set up internal collaborative working groups to promote knowledge sharing and collaboration. The benefits extend to MOJEO staff, the PMO service itself and clients. This initiative demonstrates that by working together and sharing practical experience, PMO as a field can be taken to new heights. We encourage other organizations and PMO professionals to follow suit and strive for continuous improvement and excellence in project management. Together, we are stronger.

Coming soon

We are currently working with the MOJEO PMO Guild to develop a job and task package for the Agile Project Management Office. Join our PMO Community on LinkedIn and stay up to date!

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