The answer to a pressing question!

It’s probably the question that I’ve been asked most often since the founding of Mojeo: Why are you called Mojeo?

What does MOJO mean?

“Mojo is the positive mindset with which we do things that comes from within and shines through” (Marshall Goldsmith: Mojo, The momentum of success, 2011)

After this explanation about the meaning of Mojo, which our company name is based on, I still always get questioning looks.

Where does MOJO come from?

These days I have a more effective solution. I ask a counter-question: “Do you know the Austin Powers film? The Spy Who Shagged Me?” Most people will crack into a smile. “Yes, of course I know it. What was the story again? And if I then shortly summarise the plot of the film, that Dr. Evil and his Mini Me used a time machine to travel back to 1969 where he steals Austin Power’s Mojo. Then everyone understands why we are called Mojeo.


Because we are convinced that expertise in combination with Mojo ensures spectacular results. That’s why our people always strive to add that little bit of quality and daring that makes the difference in the successful management of a project.

We talk about stories with highlights, tales with positive twists, and stories people remember. Projects people refer to when they needed that little bit extra, that bit of ‘Mojo’. This of course requires talented Project Managers, people with confidence, strong presentation, sway, a bit of invincibility, and that little piece of Mojo in their charisma; Mojeo Project Managers! Also take a look at our core values, those summarise exactly the essence of the word Mojo.

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