Do you suffer from control illusion?

Do you ever watch a sports match and start gesturing as if you can intervene in the game yourself? Or do you have a standard way of picking up your cards when you’re playing poker? Do you light a candle before an important exam despite the fact that you’re not a believer or superstitious? Or do you put your last money in the casino on red because black has already won five times in a row?

Then you’re suffering from the illusion of control.

What is control illusion? 

This is the tendency to believe we can control something we objectively have no power over. This illusion was discovered in 1965 by researchers Jenkins and Ward. This phenomenon is even consciously used in practice. There are examples of buttons on traffic lights that serve no function, except that the button gives the impression that you can influence the traffic light and makes waiting more tolerable. Or so-called temperature controls that did nothing other than reduce the complaints about the temperature.

The influence of the PMO

There are many things you can’t control in your life, but there are certainly also many things you can control. The PMO focusses on that. In project organisations with many parallel projects, setting up a PMO is a good example to escape the illusion of control that sometimes exists in project organisations. The PMO is actually focused on the important issues that you can control and returns the professional control to the Project Manager. The Mojeo PMO helps you get rid of the illusion of control and ensures you can influence things again.

Interested in hearing how Mojeo can help you get rid of your illusion of control? Fill out our contact form here and we will contact you!

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