Delivery manager

"I consciously chose Mojeo because of the open work environment and enthusiasm of all colleagues."

On January 1, 2019 I started as a project manager at MOJEO and right from the first meeting I felt at home. I consciously chose MOJEO because of the open company culture and the enthusiasm of all colleagues. This complemented by quality, MOJO and colorful personalities that make up the MOJEO team, confirm my choice every day: professionals who make a difference in organizations and projects.

After working for almost 4 years as a project manager at MOJEO I have made the step to a new role within MOJEO, Delivery Manager. This is a role that suits me and because I have also filled this role at previous employers I bring all the experience I have gained to our team.

From my 'color palette' I can particularly use the combination of my organizational and people knowledge in this role. You can tell by the enthusiasm with which I supervise our colleagues, so that each professional can perform with full power and MOJO for our clients.

The difference

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