Project management officer

"I get satisfaction from taking on challenges, mapping out processes within organisations and implementing improvements.

Mojeo is an inspiring, dynamic organisation that sets the bar high in the field of project management. Collaboration comes first, and because of the open culture, everyone is accessible to each other. I really wanted to work for an organisation that shares my values in terms of connection, renewal, and one where I could make a difference. A perfect match was created this way.

My mojo shows in my positive, driven nature and the way in which I’m always looking for connections with others. I get satisfaction from meeting challenges, analysing processes within organisations, and implementing improvements. In addition, thanks to my creativity I’m able to shed light on both sides so I know how to help organisations go further. Based on this experience, I’m convinced that collaboration and open communication between people and departments is crucial for coming to successful results. I look forward to using my mojo to make your project a success!

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