Daily stand-up

The Daily stand-up, also known as the Daily Scrum, is an essential part of Agile work. It is a daily meeting where the development team meets to discuss the progress of the work. It is a short meeting of no more than 15 minutes in which each team member answers the following three questions: What did you do yesterday? What are you going to do today? And is there anything blocking you?

The added value

The Daily stand-up has added value within the Agile process, because it keeps the team informed of each other's work and any problems can be resolved quickly. It also promotes cooperation and trust between team members.

There are some meeting rituals that are important for the Daily stand-up to be effective. First, the meeting should always take place at the same time and place. In addition, all team members should be present and should answer the questions in the order they appear.

A practical example might look like this: the development team meets in the conference room at 9 a.m. each morning. The team member closest to the door starts by answering questions. Then it goes around the table until all team members have had their turn. After the meeting, everyone knows what is expected of them that day and any issues can be resolved quickly.

In short, the Daily stand-up is an important part of Agile working and ensures good communication and cooperation within the development team. Through the fixed structure and answering the three questions, everyone stays informed about each other's work and problems can be solved quickly.

Retrieved from this page is a detailed video about the Daily stand-up. 

Need tips for a good daily stand-up?

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