Scrum Master

"Passion for project management! Add positivity, helpfulness and the drive to get the best out of people........That's MOJEO!"

This is why I feel so at home at MOJEO. We radiate our MOJO to our clients and in our assignments. This is how we achieve the desired result together!

As a project manager/ scrum master, I have over 20 years of experience in larger IT Enterprise organizations. With my knowledge and experience in both traditional project management methods and the Agile/Scrum method, I am immediately employable and of added value to clients.

I like to use my creativity, pragmatism and my analytical skills in analyzing and optimizing business processes.

In doing so, "transparency is key!" in order to inform and advise stakeholders in their decision-making process.

And......... I don't know something, there is always a colleague in the MOJEO family with knowledge and experience that I can fall back on. That's our MOJO, helping each other. Together we achieve more!

The difference

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