Staffing a PMO

MOJEO can provide qualified PMO staff to operationally staff your project management office.

What is involved in manning a PMO?

It strongly depends on the implemented PMO building blocks which daily tasks are assigned to a Project Management Officer. 

Examples of daily tasks are monitoring the progress of the various projects and taking action if necessary. In addition, the PMO makes daily reports for various people within the organisation. Rick and Stan tell in the article Setting up and staffing a PMO more about daily tasks.

What are the pitfalls for a Project Management Officer?

Staffing a PMO can be a complicated job. There can be several pitfalls that a Project Management Officer or the organisation itself can fall into. In the article 10 practical pitfalls of the PMO we explain these and describe how you can solve and/or prevent them. 

In which projects do our PMO's work?

Our Project Management Officers are constantly working on nice challenging projects at our relations. We have listed a number of these assignments in reference cases. Read here for example how we PMO at Obvion. 

The assignment at the Municipality of Kerkrade was very challenging for the MOJEO PMO team because of the political aspect. 

The PMO's of MOJEO

We believe that it is not so much the methodology or the organization, but above all the people who make the difference. People with self-confidence, a strong presentation, a touch of invincibility, a good dose of passion and an abundance of MOJO. In addition, our project management officers have MOJEO PMO Academy gone through.

Do you want to analyse your Project Management Office and concretise where there is still room for improvement? Then do the PMO Maturity Scan Lite and receive a report with points for improvement. 

Are you looking for PMO's with MOJO?