Agile workshop

MOJEO can demonstrate the added value of Agile working through practical workshops and knowledge sessions.

The Agile workshop

Through interactive sessions, we introduce the agile principles and real-life examples to your employees. With these sessions, we create support among the important stakeholders in order to implement the Agile principle properly. For example, we have used the workshops to support the implementation of Agile in the healthcare sector and the Agile/Scrum at a public transport organisation to achieve this.

How can we help your organisation with the transition?

MOJEO can support your organization in the transition towards Agile and/or SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework). We will support you with an agile business analysis, our SAFe certified consultants will guide the transformation to the agile way of working, we will train and coach all stakeholders and we will deliver the software and tools to make your organization more productive. More information can be found on the Agile transition page