Agile transition

MOJEO introduces your staff and processes to the Agile transition for smoother delivery of business value.

What is Agile?

Agile literally means agile, nimble and flexible. It is a different way of project-based work that originated in development in the software world. It is a more pragmatic way of developing software than the waterfall principle. You decide in one day what you are going to do in the next two weeks. You can read more about its origin and meaning in the article What is Agile?

Take a look at the case Agile implementation in healthcare to discover how we approach this type of transition. 

What is SAFe?

The Scaled Agile Framework is an interactive knowledge base for implementing an Agile way of working at the business level. The SAFe framework helps to implement this way of working within large organisations and goes beyond Agile working in small teams. The 6 benefits of SAFe We have made a list for you. There is a big difference between letting a team of eight people work Agile and a company with hundreds of employees. MOJEO helps companies with the transition to Agile working.

How can we help your organisation with the transition?

MOJEO can support your organization in the transition towards Agile and/or SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework). We will support you with an Agile business analysis, our SAFe certified consultants will guide the transformation to the Agile way of working, we will train and coach all those involved and we will deliver the software and tools to make your organization more productive. Naturally, our people can also take care of the various Agile / scrum roles such as scrum master, product owner or release train engineer for you.