AGILE/SCRUM IMPLEMENTATION AT a healthcare organisation

Client: The client was a healthcare organisation in Limburg that is focussed on treating and supporting children, teenagers, adults, and elderly with psychological ailments 

Situation: Need for a flexible and effective way of completing projects. 

Solution: The implementation of the Agile/Scrum methodology.

Added MOJO: The organisation made a transition to an Agile working method. This transition went smoothly.

The situation at the client

“Projects within our organisation were mostly seen as long-term initiatives that ultimately were rarely fruitful”. the IT manager starts. That’s why the choice was made to pick up these projects/open issues based on Agile, including visible deliveries after every sprint. The organisation employed MOJEO at the time to implement the Agile/Scrum methodology.“There was a great need at the time to work in short phases instead of the waterfall principle. We wanted to implement software in an effective and especially a flexible way.”

“Projects within our organisation were mainly seen as long-term initiatives that were ultimately rarely fruitful.”

The solution from MOJEO

After the needs of the organisation were clearly identified thanks to different inventory conversations, MOJEO gave a proposal in the shape of a presentation for the stakeholders. 

“During this presentation it was concretely shown what the Agile Manifesto could mean for our organisation;for instance the increased effectiveness, optimal Return on Investment, and gaining insight into the progress of the project.”

In addition, the kick-off session also paid attention to the Agile/Scrum Process Model.“MOJEO explained briefly and to the point which changes needed to be implemented to work in accordance with an Agile/Scrum process. And which roles this creates.” 

The role of the Product Owner within the complete Agile/Scrum process was the important link in this. “We really appreciated that MOJEO put itself in the shoes of our organisation so concretely. They had already drafted the set business criteria minimally required from the product owner for instance. Everything had been worked out in great detail. The step-by-step plan provided real clarity.”

The implementation of the entire plan went very well. “At the time, MOJEO started with the informing and communicating of the Agile/Scrum methodology to the product owners. MOJEO initiated two kick-off meetings for this. During these kick-off meetings, the


product owners we appointed were clearly informed about the scrum methodology and the daily tasks this involves.”The ongoing projects were recreated in sprints in accordance with the Agile/Scrum methodology in a later meeting with every product owner. “MOJEO planned a meeting with the project owner to start with the Agile/Scrum methodology. This was actually the final part of the entire implementation phase.”

“MOJEO explained briefly and to the point which changes needed to be implemented to work in accordance with the Agile/Scrum process. And which roles are created because of it.”

The added MOJO

The client is very clear about the added value of MOJEO: “MOJEO’s added value is really in the area of the knowledge regarding Agile/Scrum methodology and the concreteness of the implementation. A brief and clear step-by-step plan was shown from the start and it was really applied. Very tightly directed.”

“MOJEO’s added value is really in the area of the knowledge regarding Agile/Scrum methodology.‘’

Agile/scrum way of working?

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