Agile/scrum at a public transport organisation

The situation at the client

Within the transport company, the ‘Delivery’ department was responsible for determining the scoping of releases. The methodology within the organisation was a ‘waterfall method’, including a bundling of small changes in minor releases (ten times a year) and the larger, more complex changes in major releases (twice a year). Especially the major releases with an average lead time of approximately eight months provided the desired functionality too late, and they had too many quality problems.

The solution from MOJEO

Mojeo presented the Agile/Scrum introduction story to the management team together with an external consultant. After the choice was made to implement this transition to Agile/Scrum,  

multiple educational session were started based on the roles that the team members were assigned, such as Product Owner, Scrum Master, & team members (analysts, developers & testers). With this, all parts of the Agile/Scrum process were trained: from breakdown to user stories, realisation of resource planning, sprint planning, implementation & daily scrums, demos & retrospectives.

It’s incredible to see the growth of the team members, the dynamic, and the energy people bring to every sprint of two weeks, to actually deliver the work they ‘took on’ together.

With an increase of the so-called velocity, you also see a decrease in defects, so the delivered quality shows an upward trend. This also immediately has a positive effect; 

fewer defects mean fewer problems in production and less problem analysis being required, resulting in less re-work and therefore less impact on your next sprint.

"We all benefit .....' Not only the team, but eventually the client also benefits a lot. The benefits of the Agile/Scrum working method eventually translated into the cancelling of the Minor & Major Releases to monthly releases, so they could respond even more quickly: a much quicker ‘time to market’ from the conception of an idea!

The added MOJO

Nobody at the client had been working with Agile/Scrum yet. Thanks to MOJEO’s knowledge and drive, the Agile/Scrum working method was successfully implemented and is still being used today.

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