Agile resources

MOJEO offers your organization the opportunity to make use of our Agile resources when there is a shortage of, for example, scrum masters or release train engineers. 

How can MOJEO help you with agile resources?

Are you short on agile resources and want to quickly and expertly supplement them with MOJEO scrum masters or release train engineers? Let's quickly solve your resource problem. Schedule here a consultation with MOJEO. 

In the case study thinking about the design of the agile culture and processes at a global software developer we describe how in the past Rick filled the role of Software Integration Manager and partly Advanced Scrum Master at our client.

How does MOJEO match an Agile specialist with the assignment and client?

When a request comes in, we always look first at the customer's perspective, what knowledge is needed and what the culture of the department is. These are questions that will be discussed. 

We then take stock of which candidates are available and who is the best match for the job and the organisation. 

What skills do our Agile specialists have?

A MOJEO project manager has, in addition to relevant certifications such as PSMAgile Project Management and SAFe MOJO. We believe that it is not so much the methodology or the organization, but above all the people who make the difference. People with self-confidence, a strong presentation, a touch of invincibility, a good dose of passion and an abundance of MOJO.