MOJEO has a corporate identity!

During the past period we have been working hard behind the scenes with a small team on our new corporate identity. The men from SAUS have designed a new logo, which we think fits even better with what we want to convey with MOJEO. We can proudly announce that our new corporate identity has been launched. We would like to take you through the various aspects of our new house style.

The logo

With a new corporate identity comes a new logo. We are very curious what you think of it. The guys at SAUS say you shouldn't explain a logo, it tells its own story. We are very curious what story you see in the logo. Please leave your reaction in the comments 😉 !

The corporate style

The moment you choose for a new logo, there is generally also a new corporate identity attached to it. New colours and fonts mean that all communication media have to be given a new look. It's logical to take a critical look at the various elements in which your corporate identity is reflected. Are the layouts of the CVs still up to date? Are the invoices completely MOJEO and what do we want to do with our social media templates?

Once we had gone through all the existing elements with Saus and approved the new ones, the real monk's work began: converting everything to the new corporate style. From CVs to pens, from coffee mugs to business cards and from notebooks to the signing outside our office. Everything has been changed. And how do you make sure that all colleagues know how to find the new templates and will use them? Internal communication is also very important in this matter. 

The website

A real monster job was the website, for which Jeroen Hugens deserves all the credit. He converted every page and there were 73 of them! We are very happy with the result! On our website you will find an explanation of our different services, several reference cases, you will find all our colleagues with their personal stories, you can do a PMO Maturity Scan and the MOJO test. You will also find interesting blogs on various topics and you can immediately schedule a consultation with our colleagues or ask your questions via live chat (during office hours). In short: we hope that our website will help you raise your organization to a higher level in the field of project management. Because that is, of course, what we love to do: Get stuck in the mud with you, so we can help deliver every project with a golden edge!

Let your opinion be heard!

Of course we are very excited about our new corporate identity, but what is even more important is what you think of it! So please leave your opinion in the comments or leave a comment on our website. Do you want to know more about how MOJEO can help your organization in the field of project management? Plan a meeting here or call us on: 043-2041086

We would love to hear from you!

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