5 added values of a pmo

Based on our practical experience and theory, we have listed 5 added values of a PMO for you.

A project management office is the central place in a project organisation. By means of this article, we would like to map out the concrete added values of a PMO and how these can be implemented in your organisation with the help of MOJEO.

1. A higher project management maturity level

Because a PMO occupies the central position within the project organisation, it can strongly influence the quality and standardization of all projects by means of processes and templates. It becomes the central position from which projects are started, ended and monitored. The proper setting up of a PMO plays a major role in achieving higher project management maturity within the organisation.

Advantages: Saving time & money by setting up the project department more efficiently.

2. Establishing project definitions

A PMO adds structure to a project! Questions like: When does something become a project and what structure/phases does a project contain? Are answered by a PMO's pre-defined standard project route. This route also makes it easier to compare projects with each other. In addition, a PMO also ensures uniformity by providing fixed project templates.

Advantages: The entire project organisation has one standard for projects and knows when something is a project and when it is not. This makes it easier to compare projects with each other.

3. Reports and insights on all projects

From the central position between all projects, a PMO has the ultimate view on all the statuses of the various projects. With this data, a PMO can provide relevant insights in the field of resources, progress and budgets to higher management and the Project Managers themselves. Decisions before the start of a project can be made based on data and reports instead of gut feeling.

Advantages: Real-time insight into project statuses. Make decisions based on data.

4. The (communication) heart of the project organisation

One of the most important tasks of a PMO is to properly organise the communication between all stakeholders of a project. From arranging meetings to distributing all relevant discussion reports. Every effort is made to involve and inform the right people in important decisions/information of the projects.

Advantages: Communication of relevant information per organisational layer. Facilitating, and thus unburdening, the communication in the projects.

5. PMO as knowledge centre of the project organisation

In order to learn from all the successes and learning moments of the projects, a PMO can function as the central place for all knowledge and data. It can ensure that this data is easily accessible to Project Managers so that, before they start a project, they can see exactly where the risks of similar projects in the past lay. The collection and management of this data is entirely the responsibility of the PMOs.

Advantages: Collection, maintenance and distribution of relevant Lessons Learned, project data and knowledge in one central place, the PMO.

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