1 year with MOJEO: René Denneman

How did you end up at MOJEO? What attracted you to it?

I found MOJEO through an advertisement on LinkedIn.

You have been working at MOJEO for one year now, how have you enjoyed the past year?

I like it very much, I have already managed several and therefore very diverse projects at relations of MOJEO. The projects are very diverse and vary from security to the rollout of new workplaces worldwide. I could always fall back on my colleagues if I got stuck during the project.

What is the best thing about the project management profession?

The diversity of assignments and working with people to create something new to make a company function better.

Can you tell us something about the MOJEO team? For example, what are the personalities in the team? What are the differences? And what makes the MOJEO team strong?  

The team at MOJEO is very diverse in terms of characters & expertise, ranging from school leavers to seniors. The individual employees are strongly motivated to help their colleagues and there is a genuine interest in each other. There is no question of competition or other hidden agendas.

Can you tell us something about the culture of MOJEO? What really typifies MOJEO?

At MOJEO there is a personal approach and short lines of communication. Authenticity is embraced and people are empowered and challenged on expertise.

In conclusion, are you still completely happy to be working at MOJEO?

I am totally happy! What I like best about working at MOJEO are the drinks parties and staff outings. They are always very sociable!

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1 year with MOJEO: René Denneman

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