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With our expertise combined with MOJO, we ensure a direct impact on your project.


We add just the right ingredients to the project

Does a project get stuck within your organisation because there is no dedicated lead? Is there no clear overview in a project and is the 'go-live' repeatedly postponed? Do you want to get off to a flying start with a clear plan of action and a project manager who controls and monitors all aspects of your project?

Is there not yet a standard way of working project-based within the organisation? Do you need an up-to-date planning? Are you looking for help in monitoring project finances? Or can you use help in identifying, recording and monitoring risks and countermeasures? In short, is it time for your project organisation to take steps towards a higher level of maturity?

Is there a need within your organisation to deliver projects faster and to be able to respond more quickly to external developments? Is there a need for an Agile way of working to create more support in the interim? Do you simply want to deliver more business value faster? Then MOJEO can support you.

the difference

Is in our people

Every project manager of MOJEO has his/her toolbox full of up-to-date certifications, knowledge of various methodologies and extensive experience. The real difference lies in the character & personality of our project managers!

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Is not just a slogan

”…The positive mindset with which we do things that comes from within and shines through”

That is MOJO for us.

Because we believe it’s not the methodology or the organisation, but above all the people that make the difference. People with confidence, a strong presentation, a little invincibility, a dose of passion in their charisma, and an overload of mojo; Project Managers from Mojeo.

Project Managers of MOJEO.

Are you looking for a Project Manager who helps your organisation get results? Do you want support with setting up a project management office that provides transparency and unburdens the organisation? Or are you looking for a partner who can help with implementing an agile approach in order to deliver additional and more frequent business value?

Let our passion and expertise work for you. Get our MOJO working for you!

we are different

Our core values help

Our core values ​​summarize precisely the feeling that we want to radiate with MOJEO to relationships and to each other. They represent our identity and the way we work.

We bring colour

With our unique, refreshing view, we bring colour into a project. Our professionals are courageous and will always bring their knowledge colorfully into a project.

We go through the mud

We are down-to-earth. We know how to work hard and are not afraid to get our hands dirty. Together with the customer, we put our back into it to achieve the desired result, with great satisfaction.

We bring clarity

We keep the overview in every situation. We base our work on pure facts and offer clarity. ​As a result, we control the situation. ​

We are adventurers

We seek adventure, take on responsibility, are passionate and dare to take on any challenge. We see every new project as a new adventure that we are fully committed to.

We deliver projects with a golden touch

Making the customer successful is our drive. We serve as an example for others. We are happy to transfer our expertise to the customer in an inspiring way. That is the golden edge for us. 

We act as a team

We continuously develop each other and ourselves. We form a close team, both with the customer and with each other. Choosing a Mojeo employee automatically means profiting from the knowledge of an entire team of specialists.​

Project Management Office

The PMO Guild of MOJEO

In the dynamic world of project management, collaboration and knowledge sharing is critical. Within MOJEO, this realization has been translated into the establishment of the PMO


join us

MOJEO team is boarding now

Do you have enough MOJO in you to become part of our team?

Can you make the difference to make a project successful time and again? Do you have that magic you need to apply theory in practice?

the world around us

Sharing our MOJO

Corporate social responsibility suits Mojeo. Since the beginning, we’ve given a part of the revenue to charities, and employees actively strive to contribute to our charities in the form of supporting activities.

MOJEO is the main sponsor of StartUp4Kids.

StartUp4Kids wants to offer socially disadvantaged children all over the world extra education to help them develop and take opportunities. They do this by offering the proven and professional lesson plan of Aflatoun to children in primary education in order to increase their knowledge, confidence, and awareness.

Every employee currently supports StartUp4Kids with a voluntary monthly donation that is automatically deducted from their salary. Mojeo throws the ‘doubler’ on top to support as many classes as possible. We now support six classes. We have the motto "if MOJEO grows, the children grow with us."

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